We help companies productise their Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data  by taking a first-principles approach to solving complex business problems using the right technologies for the job.

We'll help identify the requirements for the product that brings value to your customers; help you define and quickly build a scalable product that leverages data, analytics, and ML/AI to generate insights and value for your customers, and help you build the teams and processes that will allow you to continue refining your product.

How we work

We help your businesses solve complex problems with the help of technology.

We take a first-principles approach and go straight to the root of the problem to come up with solutions that enable you to go to market with the right product as soon as possible.

We believe in flexibility and aren’t biased towards any technology. We look at technology as an enabler of business and we believe in keeping it simple.

Our Skills

Strategic Planning and Consulting

Experience working with distributed teams

Analytics and Data Science

Technology Architecture and Implementation

Product Design and Management

Fast-track Minimum Viable Product

Focus and Scalability

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning


Scott Mckay

Scott is an experienced software executive (CTO), architect, and principal engineer with a long track record of delivering results, both as an individual contributor and as a team builder/leader. He has expertise in multiple business domains, including ML/AI, Healthcare IT, FinTech, and Travel; and in multiple areas, including software development processes, product management, team management, data analytics, security, and complex software such as operating systems, compilers, network stacks, application frameworks, IDEs, and high-volume transactional websites.

In these roles, Scott has helped multiple companies build and improve their products, processes and teams; generate sales, and raise multiple Series A-D rounds.

He is also a member of Forbes Technology Council.

Samir Madhavan

Samir has extensive experience in data science, product management, and building products from scratch. He has been part of the leadership team of multiple successful startups and has played a key role in their growth by both setting out the vision and leading the implementation of their products. He believes in being hands-on and is interested in solving business problems using technology.

He has led and delivered product solutions for various industries such as Retail, Energy, Shipping, Travel, Healthcare, and Finance.

He is also the author of the popular data science book, Mastering Python for Data Science.

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